Is immigration the gap between Latino voters and the Republican Party?

What’s the difference between a Democrat and a Republican during an election season?

The Democrats are just trying to keep the Latino community happy. While the GOP is working tirelessly to show Latino voters what makes the Republican Party so grand.

This last election cycle we saw the Latino community cast their ballot for more Democrats than Republicans.

Last week I sat at a luncheon and listened to a discussion on the Immigration policy currently being debated in DC. It is worthy to note that as a result of the 2012 election, both sides are scrambling to woo the Latino vote in the upcoming Midterm elections. Washington has even gone so far as to create a ‘Gang of Eight,’ a bipartisan effort of eight Senators working together to draft an comprehensive immigration reform bill. This bill is being promised as a solution to the immigration woes that have plagued our country for decades.

In the upcoming election cycle, we will watch as both sides will do everything they can to court the ever-growing Latino vote. Which side will be victorious is yet to be seen, but I can guarantee both sides will be talking immigration reform and making campaign promises along the way to ensure a Latino landslide come election day.